People often say time is precious, something that we cannot see nor touch and yet we have learnt the value of this void by quantifying it with numbers such as hours or years. The irony of value in nothing is rather intriguing and it could also be applied into several mystical words, such as hope or faith. Putting value into mere void that by itself doesn't even carry any scientific compositions is truly fascinating. What's even more exciting is that I think that their values are linked, and that when they are linked together we call them moments. And the beauty of photography is that we can turn these intangible voids into a tangible medium, capturing value of these precious voids in the form of moments.
People often seek moments in people or animals, basically anything alive that express emotions. However, I would like to think that buildings when designed properly are capable of expressions as well. It too is reacting to its surrounding environment and ages like living things. Hence my task is to find that moment when buildings express itself to form the very definition of architecture.
: Lawrence Choo
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